Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 25, 2009 Sophia is jumping and discovers a kitchen

Sophia had a great Christmas and received lot of fun new toys from Santa Claus. Since we had to wait for the family to get to our house in the snow that came down Christmas morning, a couple big gifts from Santa were hidden.  The first of these was a trampoline.  Scott said that Santa told him that he put a few gifts downstairs for Sophia.  These were the last gifts to open since we knew she wouldn't open any others after these two big ones.    He ran downstairs and brought it up.  Before we could put the safety padding on the trampoline Sophia jumped on it and started jumping.

She jumped and jumped ...and then...

Sophia has wanted a play kitchen for some time. A few months ago I told her that if she would be a big girl and wear big girl pants instead of diapers we would talk to Santa Claus and tell him that she was a big girl now and needed a play kitchen of her own. She agreed that she would do this and asked Santa for the kitchen because she wanted to be a big girl. I am happy to report that Santa brought that kitchen and she loves it. Following are some photographs of her surprise.

......and a Kitchen appeared behind her.  She hurried off of the trampoline and ran to the kitchen.  She grabbed the phone on the front of her kitchen and called to thank Santa Claus.  Here is what she said, "Hello Santa!  Thank you for the kitchen!"   I couldn't believe she called him before she started playing to thank him.  

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