Saturday, October 25, 2008

October 25, 2008 More Pumpkins with Uncle Mike

From Taken on October 25th, 2008

Sophia had so much fun last weekend at the Pumpkin Patch that we asked my brother, her Uncle Mike, to join us at the pumpkin patch this weekend. We went back to Rombach's Pumpkin Patch this weekend and had a great time once again. Uncle Mike pulled Sophia pumpkin around in one of the little pumpkin wagons. She loved it riding in the wagon dressed up like a pumpkin and riding alongside of the pumpkins. Mike also took tons of photos of his sweet little niece. We walked through the front display this week and the haunted area. We didn't have time for all that last weekend with Grandma. Sophia just took it all in and had a blast showing Uncle Mike how she could walk around the pumpkins.

After the haunted area and the animal area, we walked to the pumpkins growing on the vines and played there and took more pictures. Sophia was having a great time climbing in and out of the pumpkin wagon and walking around the pumpkins. While playing with the pumpkins, Sophia reached out and grabbed one of the vines behind her with these sticky looking pine cone shaped things. I am not sure what they were but she started crying because one of the stickers got stuck in her hand. She showed me and I was able to pull it out with my fingers, but I think it hurt for a while because she was fussy after that happened.

I think Mike enjoyed watching her having such a great time.

Also,she is dressed as a pumpkin because we needed orange pants for her Halloween costume next weekend. I have made the rest of it but didn't really want to sew pants to go under her costume. I found this little pumpkin sweatsuit and thought well she might as well use the sweatsuit for something so we let her wear it today.

We brought home the sweetest pumpkin in the patch.

Below is a slideshow of some of the photos from today.

October 25, 2008 Pumpkins continued, more photos

Here are a few more pumkin patch photos. They were on a separate photo card so it is a different slideshow.  Sophia is playing in the farm field of the Rombach Pumpkin Patch. 

Friday, October 24, 2008

October 6, 2008 Sophia trying to feed herself cereal

I thought I would let Sophia try once again to feed herself with a spoon.  This is what happens when you give a 1 year-old a bowl of cereal and a spoon. She wears it all over her face.  I wonder when she will learn to use a spoon correctly.  I enjoy watching her try to imitate what we show her. It is just great to see her figure out that she did it right.   

October 5, 2008 Opening More Birthday Gifts

Sophia received a birthday gift from her Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Don in the mail. Here are just a few cute photos of her opening the clothes and putting them back in the box and opening it again and trying them on.  She just cracks me up with how silly she can be sometimes.

Thanks goes out to Phyllisa and Don for these cute clothes.  Sophia loves new clothes just as any girl would.  

 Sorry, I am just getting around to posting this. I am still catching up on photos since her birthday. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 10, 2008 The Sophie Doll from Sophia's cousins

Sophia received a birthday present in the mail from her cousins Lissa, Ron, Ben and Emma. Here she is trying to open the package.  Toys are so hard to get out of the boxes these days, that I had to help her get her brand new doll out of the package.

We opened the box and Sophia was really excited. She received a Sophie Doll.  Sophia loves her "babies."  This one is so precious. You can see the delight on Sophia's face as she peers into the eyes of the doll. 

Then, she gives her new doll a kiss. 
Thanks goes out to the cousins.  Sophia loves you.

October 2, 2008 Sophia Plays the Piano

Sophia is playing the piano for me.   When I am busy working on something in the kitchen, I often ask Sophia to go to the piano and play some music for me.  She crawls over to the piano, pulls herself up using the stool, and plays the piano for me.  It is funny that one day I just asked her to go play the piano and followed her into the other room.  I usually carry her to the piano and sit her on my lap as we practice together. We have been doing this since she was born at least once or twice a week.  The day she went to play I couldn't believe that she knew what I was talking about and demonstrated her skills.  Of course, I  had to run back and grab the camera to capture the moment.  Here is our future pianist.  

Oh, I forgot to mention her favorite red furry pal, Elmo plays the piano every day on Elmo's World so maybe that is how she learned what a piano is.  Who knows?

Granted for those of you who don't know, Scott and I do not know how to play the piano properly, that is why we bought a Disk Lavier which plays the keys on the piano from the notes of the music on CD or floppy diskettes. I am able to read music having studied music theory for several years, so I can tinker around a few simple songs like; "Ode to Joy", "Row, Row, Row your Boat", and "Mary Had a Little Lamb", although, I have not had formal piano lessons."  We bought this piano while pregnant with Sophia in hopes of having a child that would love music.   I played the music CDs as often as possible while pregnant with her so she could hear the pretty music. I think she likes playing so far, so we will keep our fingers crossed that the piano doesn't become just another pretty collector of dust in my home.   Sophia keep playing baby! You are bound to be great at music if you follow in your family's footsteps. 

September 29, 2008 Ups and Downs / Sophia showing how to do push-ups on the Wii Fit

Sophia is showing her dad how to do push-ups on the Wii Fit board.   Scott was using the Wii Fit and Sophia quickly picked up on how to do push-ups.   She says "Up" and then "Down". She does them each day just a few, but it reminds us to get going and get some exercise.  We seem to need a reminder and she is the perfect way to get us going. We are playing the Biggest Loser with the parents in our playgroup to see who can lose the most weight by December.  It is very hard to stay focused, but we are doing okay. We have both lost weight and need to keep going especially for the sake of little Sophia. She needs healthy parents to take care of her for a long time so we have to keep exercising and eating better.   What a face to inspire us each day to take care of ourselves.  

Septmber 26, 2008 Sophia Draws with Crayons/ Tadoodles

I just came across Sophia's first drawing with her new toy. Her friend Ayla from our playgroup gave her some really cool crayons made for toddlers called Tadoodles.  The are shaped for a toddler to hold in her hand. She likes drawing with them. This is her first drawing.

Thanks to Ayla and her mom Emily for the fun creative art supplies. Sophia seems to be enjoying this kind of stuff more and more.  

Sunday, October 19, 2008

October 18, 2008 Pumpkin Patch Rombach Farm

Grandma and Sophia standing on a pumpkin.

Baby Photos of Sophia last year 2007. Sophia was so tiny.  These were tiny pumpkins.  Now, look how big she is next to the big pumpkins.

Here, she is practicing standing and trying to walk to the other pumpkin.  Look at the size of these pumpkins.

So many to choose from.

Grandma showing Sophia how to walk from pumpkin to pumpkin.

Look at this one.  

What about that one, that one is a good size. 

Sophia is search of the "Great Pumpkin."

I think I found a good pumpkin, Mom. 

Wow!  Look at that cute pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. 
Sophia and her dad resting on a pumpkin.
Sophia's second trip to the Pumpkin Patch at Rombach's Farm. Last year we started a family tradition of going to the pumpkin patch to pick
 out a pumpkin.  This year we followed our new tradition by once again taking a trip to the pumpkin patch.

 This time we brought Grandma, my mother, to the pumpkin patch with us.   It was a beautiful sunny day so we were able to spend a little time really playing and checking out the pumpkin as you will see demonstrated in some of the above scattered photos.  Not only did we have a splendid time, Sophia got to practice her walking with the aid of her Grandma.  Thanks Grandma for showing her how to walk and talk on the my cell phone. Only time will tell if she is ready yet. 

Check out the tiny newborn photos of Sophia. What a walk down memory lane with some pictures of Sophia from last year.   Our sweet newborn pumpkin only 2 weeks old.