Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MOPS Easter Egg Hunt

Sophia and her daddy went to the Mother's Of Preschoolers Easter egg hunt through ICD. She was so excited and she couldn't wait until her daddy took her to the event.

Making an Easter card for mommy.

Mickey Mouse basket is ready for the hunt

Sophia received this Easter basket last year at an egg hunt that my mother took her to because I was working. I felt very sad to miss another egg hunt. She has so much fun at these events.

Snatching an egg out of the grass here.

Here is another

Oh look, a pink one

She is so happy about her eggs she found with that smile on her face.

Look I found another one.


Of course, you have to have a purple bunny to join in the fun.

Looks like someone found the chocolate! Eating chocolate Oreo cookies is fun around the holidays and messy too. Her coat was covered in chocolate when she returned home.

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Easter bunny photo

This year Sophia couldn't wait to see the Easter bunny so at the mall in chicago, we let her sit on his lap and talk with him. It wasn't really planned since she is not wearing her Easter dress here but it was maybe the only chance we would have for a photo op this year since I am seven months pregnant and have to stay off my feet lately due to some minor complications. I wanted to take her shopping fir her Easter dress but couldn't since walking a lot seems to be giving me problems.

So here it is a photo with the bunny. My mom is currently on the hunt for an Easter dress for sophia and I know she will find something fabulous for my sweet girl. Thanks for helping me out this year mom!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Planting the seeds for a garden

Placing seeds in each peat pot in the starter tray
Carefuly placing one seed in each pot
She is admiring each little seed as she takes them out of the envelope and puts them in the pot
From left to right, she has planted cucumbers, green beans, yellow squash, and peas.
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Sophia planted seeds for a garden. She loves vegetables so I thought this would be fun for her to learn where they come from.  She has watched "Little Bear" and "Curious George" plant seeds in their gardens so she knew what we were doing when we sat down to do this. I told her we would start them in this tray and move them outside later when it gets warmer.   I am still nervous about any cool weather chills that can come through at this time of the year.  Here, she has placed all the little seeds on the peat pots.  I think she was pretty proud of herself when she finished putting them in the tray as evidenced from her smile.   I finished them off for her so that she wouldn't make a huge mess in the family room.

Girodano's Pizza in Chicago

Sophia and her cousin Nikki at Giordano's waiting for their pizza
Nikki reading a book to Sophia while they wait for pizza
The yummy pizza pie!
Sophia ate two whole slices of that huge pizza.   Looking at her plate, I would say she liked it. Posted by Picasa

Frst Portillo's Hotdog

We went to Chicago for the weekend to visit family and have a few of the local Portillo's Hotdogs.  Daddy got the hotdog with the the works a regular Chicago style dog for Sophia's first taste of Portillo's
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tunic Top / "dress" as she calls it, I made for Sophia

Sophia was so proud that she was able to find some shorts all by herself and get them out of her drawer and put them on with her new tunic top I made for her on my serger.   Here, she is showing off putting on her own shorts.
I have been wanting to try making a tunic style top for my daughter on my serger with lettuce leaf ruffle edging.    I finally had a chance to make this top yesterday and made a fun matching bow for her hair.   Here. she was so excited to wear it, that she couldn't wait to put it on after her bath this morning.

Can I say, she loves to pose for photos?
Posted by PicasaShe told me that she likes her blue dress and smiled really big for me in this photo.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

This is a strange ride

-what time is it?

Chuck E Cheese cruising

All aboard the Barney train

Toddler whac

Bob the builder

Eating pizza next to friends

Hot rod car

Motion sensor kid coaster

Riding the flying bicycle

Giddyup! At the horse races

Jetpack flyer flying. Holding her ears because it was loud.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Eating Spaghetti is a messy process for a two year old

Here are some funny spaghetti photos that I forgot to post. I love how it is all over her face and she looks like she is loving every bite. Yummy!
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