Saturday, November 26, 2011

A few random smiles from my girls

 Sophia is wearing the hat they made at school.
Kaylee playing dress-ups with a bucket for a hat and she is putting on a tutu.

Sophia made this darling candy cane ornament with her Grandma and she was so proud of it she was showing her dad and asking to put the Christmas tree up today.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is everybody looking at?

 We awoke this morning to Tickle Me Elmo, Elmo Live, and a stuffed Puppy Dog looking inside the kids' Washer and Dryer.
 "Daddy, Jingle Bells is here!  He is hiding in my dryer and the Elmos are watching him."
 Wow!  What is he doing in there?  I guess he arrived a little early because Sophia kept asking when he would get here.  We were expecting him after Thanksgiving but I guess Santa sent him out a little early because he was missing the kids.
Sophia is pointing to how surprised Elmo is that Jingle Bells, our Elf on the Shelf is here.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cuteness is all in the details - making ordinary socks into extraordinary

Today I decided to challenge myself to see if I could turn an ordinary boring white pair of socks into an ordinary cute pair of socks on my serger.

Here are my results:

First I took some random strips of red with white polka dot fabric I had leftover from another project. I serged a rolled hem on one raw edge of each. Next, I put the ruffling foot on the serger and ruffled and serged the sock edge and fabric edge together. Ta Da! Kaylee has a ruffled pair of socks.

Next task make ruffled lettuce edged socks on serger. These turned out okay but next time I try it I will use wooly nylon instead of regular thread. It makes a fancier edge and spreads out better. This was just a first trial, I wonder if I can do this test.

The third trial was Ribbon ruffle socks serged up in a minute with the ruffling foot. These are my favorite so far. I sewed these sock with bright pink with black polka dots grosgrain ribbon.

My challenge for today was fun. I knew today was going to be busy and I didn't have a lot of time to sew so I decided I would finally try a few quick things i had on my mind.

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A bib fit for a princess in training

Putting Princess stickers on her Princess bib.

I hate that these pictures are so blurry but Kaylee never stands still, ever!

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Kaylee wearing some giant shoes

-Kaylee is putting on some shoes. I wish she would hold still for a second so every picture wouldn't be a blur.

Trying to put them on again.

Notice the tiny ruffled socks I made for her on her ankles.

She put both shoes on now.

Before I asked her she said, "Cheese!". Too funny!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coat trick

My children make me laugh every day and today was no exception. Sophia showed me a cool trick she learned at school where she lays her coat on the floor in front of her and she somehow flips the coat up over her head onto to her back. I thought nothing of it until I was driving her to dance school and realized her coat was on her upside down. I laughed so hard when I realized it my cheeks hurt. Yes, the hood was hanging down the back covering her bottom.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Santa Purse

I just added this Santa Purse to my Etsy shop SnuzzlesnMore.    I serged this cute little Santa purse to help get everyone into the Christmas spirit this holiday season.  Check it out as a possible gift for someone you love in my shop to the right of this post.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Blue Tote with Red Ribbon

I serged this cute little denim blue colored tote with red bow accents and red inside.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Red and White Polka Dot Pleat Skirt

 Sophia is wearing a new skirt I made for her this past weekend.  She loves loves loves polka dots so this little skirt was a huge surprise for her.  I tried a technique which I really never tried before.

I made this little starboard style pleated skirt.  It has one simple pleat down the front and is gathered in the back.  She loved it since it looks different from all her other skirts that I have made for her.  It also has an adjustable waistband so she or her little sister could wear it.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zebra Print with Pink Bow Large Purse/Tote Bag

I serged this zebra print tote this morning. It has a stiff lining which makes it durable for carrying somewhat heavy stuff inside. It also stands on its own because of the stiffness of the lining.

Zebra print large purse/tote bag

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Serging some quick Christmas gifts for my shop site

These are my favorite little hairbows and the newest ones I will be adding to my Etsy site.

Sophia my daughter's exact words were, "Mommy, you can't sell those I want them!".

No worries. I made several so she can have her own set too. I guess that meets the little girl product testing phase. She loves them so I believe other girls will love them too.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

This weekend I serged a whole bunch of little girls hair accessories on my serger for Christmas stocking stuffers.  If you are looking for ideas for your favorite girl, here are some cute hair barrettes.  Check out these and more Christmas ideas on my Etsy site,  SnuzzlesnMore at

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fleece flouncy skirt

Kaylee loved this little flouncy skirt I made from a scrap of fleece I had in my sewing room. She insisted I put it on her.

This little skirt is also made with an adjustable waistband so either of my girls could wear it.

I love this idea of making skirts for both of my daughters but not needing twice the space to store one for each girl. I love adjustable button waistbands.

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Need something Brown to wear for preschool

Although Sophia doesn't look happy in this photo, she loves her new little Brown skirt. Her preschool wants them to wear the color of the day that they are learning about that day and we didn't have anything brown. So what's a mom to do but whip up a quick skirt on the serger out of some scrap fabric and fancy trim.

So in fifteen minutes or less without a pattern, I cut the fabric, serged this skirt, added giant rick rack trim and an adjustable elastic waistband with buttons.

Sophia magically had a brand new outfit for school.

The good news is with the button adjustable waistband either of my girls can wear this new little skirt. It fits either one.  This is what the elastic band looks like when I adjust for skinny mini Kaylee.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or treat on Halloween

I caught a cute little Kaylee ducky.

Trick or treating

Kaylee waddling in her big webbed duck feet

Sophia as Olivia skipping down the sidewalk and singing.

Trick or treat.

Can't wait until she gets inside.


"Kaylee look at all this candy."


Wow! Look at all this candy!


Eating too much candy can make a little Kaylee ducky quite Thursday.

My girls had so much fun trick or treating in the costumes I sewed for them.

Olivia was my biggest challenge to date. I made this costume without a pattern. I just looked at Sophia's plush doll and designed the head in the shape of a hood with a pig snout. I wasn't sure I could make it look like Olivia the pig, but I think I succeeded in coming relatively close.

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