Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marshmallow Igloo

Sophia was Super excited when I told her she could build a Marshmallow Igloo. I usually try to discourage playing with food and eating sweets, but since we have had very little snow this winter so far, I thought I would let her try this fun indoor winter activity. I think using normal sized marshmallows might be easier for future reference but I had already bought these giant campfire marshmallows so we used what we had. We also ran out before we were able to build the doorway but Sophia loved making this so I didn't tell her anything was missing.

Here Sophia is spreading icing on the marshmallows to "glue" them together. My only part in this activity was to hold the marshmallows that she placed on each row.

She is concentrating here trying to place the next marshmallow.

You might wonder how a four year old knows what an igloo is. Believe me, she knows how to build one because of "Curious George". We watch that show faithfully every single morning while "we wake up." She has watched the Curious George episode so many times where he builds an igloo out of snow that she knew exactly what to do. I can honestly say I like the show because it focuses on math and science skills on a preschool level that I think is so important.

Here she is painting the icing on the marshmallow.

Notice the intense concentration look on her face.

She is looking to see if we need to make an adjustment to secure the marshmallows a little more.

She completed it.

"Can I eat it now, Mommy?"

"Do you want a marshmallow?"

Admiring her work.

The best part is she was allowed to eat one whole giant marshmallow which was her dessert this evening. She may ask to build an igloo again someday because it was so much fun.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Painting suncatchers

Sophia loves to paint so today I let her paint some sun catchers. Notice the little multicolored sun and unicorn in the middle of the newspaper that she painted.

I love these little crafts kits that have everything included in them. I just open it up and Sophia will sit and do them. I need to get more of these. They are great for when she is bored and needs something active to keep her occupied.

Note to self: buy more paint kits for busywork for Sophia

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Friday, January 13, 2012

You create it from a paper bag "GO!"

Yesterday was a snow day for my four year old and I decided paper crafts would be fun. She made the Princess Crowns and we had a bit of the paper bag left over. So around dinner time I asked her if she wanted to throw the bag away or make a puppet or hat or something out of it. I tossed some google eyes on the table, a bag of colorful Pom poms, some random scrap paper and threw in a few paper plates straight out of my craft bins. She wanted to make something so I said, here are some raw materials, design what you want. You can use anything or everything I have given you here and if you need scissors or glue, I will let you use those too.

Can I say how impressed I was when Sophia created this little dog completely on her own. She first cut out the paper plate ears and set to making this little guy. Can you believe it? I am amazed at her imagination and creativity. I didn't give her a hint of what to make at all.

I might just have to save this one for awhile. It is just too cute to part with.

Happy Snow Day little puppet dog.
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Heating or Cooling Pack with a tie.

 I have been planning to make some hot/cool pack for some time but just finally got around to it last week. If you have aches and pains you need one of these.  This is an obi inspired hot/cold pad that I found in the book "One Yard Wonders" with ties to hold the pad in place.  I love that the ties are really long so they can work for anyone.
 Here it is with the ties on as a back pain comforter.

You could use it for neck and shoulder pain too.

Snow day activity with glitter and glue

"Wow! I can make a crown! Yeah!"

Sophia glued, glittered, Pom pom and sequined her paper bag crown.

Sophia had her first school snow day so I tried to keep her busy doing things.  First, she played outside in the snow this morning.  Then, she made Princess Crowns out of cut up paper bags.   She loved the activity and it kept her from fighting with her little sister.

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