Monday, January 31, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The rush to clean before dad comes home

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Playing "School" with my little learner

Monday : math adding

Sophia loves doing activities and although it is waaaaayyyy too early to worry about addition and subtraction. Her daddy wants her to learn it now because her heard someone say their kid knows these concepts before kindergarten.

As a mom I use a lot of real world examples in everyday conversation to teach her things and like how many birds are in the tree. Here comes another and we count how many. From a toddlers perspective we are just counting birds but from an adult's perspective she is learning that things can be added and taken away (subtracted).

Also go get that pink pillow or put that blue tutu back in your room.

I love teaching her this way but her dad wants to see what she is doing so I started printing off worksheets again that they can do for homework once I have taught her the lesson.

I am proud that at three she knows most of her letters and some of their sounds and can count to thirty for the most part. Although she says twenty-teen for twenty and skips fifteen often.

So here we are doing our daily assignments and learning how to add. I know there are tons of concepts that we should cover before adding like more and less but we will get to those someday.

Tuesday: math adding

Here is another worksheet she loved because it was adding sweets.

Wednesday: matching
Teddy bears are always fun to match with their friends.

Okay, these photos are loading upside down so I guess my iPhone is disoriented again. Anyway, you get the picture. She saw these mixed up animals and laughed. I cut them out and she enjoyed doing the puzzles and matching them back up.

We also worked on the number two yesterday. She colored a picture of two gingerbread men and I cut them out after she practiced cutting with scissors on the page. The page had a two on it and a practice drawing area for the number two. That part of the paper did not survive so it won't be in the blog. I originally intended to keep it in one piece but my toddler and baby had other plans for it like cutting out with scissors and eating. Ha ha ha! Oh well!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blue Flower Hair Bow for dance

I made this little Carnation shaped hair bow to match Sophia's light blue dance leotard and tutu today during nap. I serged the fabric edges with a three thread rolled hem and then gathered the middle opened one side which formed a Carnation shaped flower. However in the photo it looks much more flat than it does in person. The petals are curved up so it appears to lose something online.  My husband loved it so much on Sophia that he took a picture of her with it on in her dance leotard and coat.   I added some buttons to look like the center and added the hair elastic to the underside to attach to her hair ponytail or ballerina bun

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Smiling while eating cheese

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ruffled Valentine Door Decoration

I serged this Ruffled Heart Door Decoration on my serger today while the kids took their very short, less than an hour naps this afternoon. I had this third of a yard of scrap of red satin that I found in the remnant bin awhile back that I had no particular plan for so I thought why not make a heart. I wanted to make a Valentine door decoration last year but never got around to it. Today, I was determined to make a Valentine's decoration so that it could be enjoyed for a few weeks. I snuck downstairs into my sewing room office and serged oodles of ruffles with the ruffle foot of my serger. It is so much easier to make oodles of ruffles on a serger with the ruffle foot than a sewing machine and all in one step, like magic. A ruffling foot makes it so quick and fun. I am so glad to have my ruffling foot that my mom gave me for my serger. Thanks Mom! You are the best!

Note: I started with 15 inches of fabric cut into 3 long strips 4 inches wide and serged them together into one super long strip. The ruffled satin heart is made with a 3 thread rolled hem and the ruffling foot. I attached the fabric to an old clothes hanger that I bent into a heart shape.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Plum Pudding's new Ballgown

Sophia was upset that Plum Pudding had nothing to wear to the Fancy Ball so mommy came to the rescue and serged a quick Ballgown for Plum Pudding out of strips of scrap satin fabric this morning. Whew! That was a close one.

Note: I used rolled hem and gathering foot for gathers on serger.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A blue hibiscus flower hair bow

I made a blue hibiscus flower hairbow too at Sophia's request. The original was just my "mock up" to see if I could make it but I thought it turned out okay so I made one for each girl knowing that we don't have many black hairbows around here.

Now, we have royal blue satin which I will probably name, "The Sophia."

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ready for Hawaii - Serger Hibiscus hair flowers made of scrap fabric

I serged a couple Hibiscus hair flowers for my girls while they were napping today in case they ever make it to Hawaii. Keep dreaming because it isn't happening in their near future. The Hibiscus flowers are detachable from the headband so we can change them around. Above is Sophia's and Kaylee has one too shown below.

Sophia says she wants one in blue now.
Serged a rolled hem on all edges of the thin shiny fabric and gathered in the middles and attached to hair elastic.

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Mom, I want a polka dot skirt like Sophia's. See how cute it is!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

9 inches of snow

While kaylee was napping we snuck outside to measure the snow. Yes, we measured nine inches of snow and made snow angels.

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Hats off to you

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Chewing on everything and scattering toys

Eating butterflies

 Kaylee trying to stand up with butterflies in her mouth.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our science experiment - snow melt

Title: Testing Snow to see if it melts faster in the house, outside when it is below freezing but in the sun, or in our refrigerator.

Sophia thought that :
Snow will melt first in the house.
Snow will melt in the refrigerator second.
Snow will melt outside in the sun last.

1. Gather materials: sophia went out with her shovel and bucket to gather her materials. Gathering the snow was the best part.

She couldn't help it she had to taste the snow

2. Measure equal amounts of snow into glass bowls.

She loved playing with snow in the house.

3. We placed the snow in the testing areas. Above, we placed this bowl of snow in the house on the floor.

Sophia placed this bowl of snow outside on the porch in the sun.

Sophia placed this bowl of snow in the refrigerator.

4. Then we waited......
We checked after a half hour and Sophia discovered that the bowl of snow in the house had melted.

We checked each bowl and the outside snow and the refrigerator snow were still not melting.

After an hour, the outside snow started to melt a little.

We waited about four hours and checked and the finally the bowl of snow outside had melted in the sun.

The refrigerator bowl of snow was just melting a little.

The bowl of snow in the house was completely water.

After six hours two bowls of water were found and the bowl in the refrigerator was icy but not really like snow anymore.

1. Snow in the house melted in a half hour.
2. Snow outside melted in approximately an hour in the sun.
3. Snow in the refrigerator started to melt a little but became more like ice as it slowly melted in the refrigerator,


Top bowl -bowl inside house
Middle bowl- bowl outside in the sun in freezing temps
Bottom bowl- bowl from the refrigerator.

1. Snow melts quickly inside the house.
2. Snow outside in the sun with below freezing temperatures freezes second.
3. Snow melts last in the refrigerator.

Sophia was surprised to find that the snow in the refrigerator lasted longer than the snow outside in the sun.

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More chewing the binky for teething

See, I figured it out, I think.

Mom, this binky is great for teething but I think it looks a little silly.

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Hat time

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Kaylee is using her binky as a teething ring chewing on the side of it.

Munch, munch, munch.

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