Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our science experiment - snow melt

Title: Testing Snow to see if it melts faster in the house, outside when it is below freezing but in the sun, or in our refrigerator.

Sophia thought that :
Snow will melt first in the house.
Snow will melt in the refrigerator second.
Snow will melt outside in the sun last.

1. Gather materials: sophia went out with her shovel and bucket to gather her materials. Gathering the snow was the best part.

She couldn't help it she had to taste the snow

2. Measure equal amounts of snow into glass bowls.

She loved playing with snow in the house.

3. We placed the snow in the testing areas. Above, we placed this bowl of snow in the house on the floor.

Sophia placed this bowl of snow outside on the porch in the sun.

Sophia placed this bowl of snow in the refrigerator.

4. Then we waited......
We checked after a half hour and Sophia discovered that the bowl of snow in the house had melted.

We checked each bowl and the outside snow and the refrigerator snow were still not melting.

After an hour, the outside snow started to melt a little.

We waited about four hours and checked and the finally the bowl of snow outside had melted in the sun.

The refrigerator bowl of snow was just melting a little.

The bowl of snow in the house was completely water.

After six hours two bowls of water were found and the bowl in the refrigerator was icy but not really like snow anymore.

1. Snow in the house melted in a half hour.
2. Snow outside melted in approximately an hour in the sun.
3. Snow in the refrigerator started to melt a little but became more like ice as it slowly melted in the refrigerator,


Top bowl -bowl inside house
Middle bowl- bowl outside in the sun in freezing temps
Bottom bowl- bowl from the refrigerator.

1. Snow melts quickly inside the house.
2. Snow outside in the sun with below freezing temperatures freezes second.
3. Snow melts last in the refrigerator.

Sophia was surprised to find that the snow in the refrigerator lasted longer than the snow outside in the sun.

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Beth said...

Debbie, I love this post. We LOVE doing science experiments. Since Katie is in Kindergarten this year, she actually gets to participate in a real science fair. Her project is to test how much salt it will take in a bowl of water to make an egg float. We've started the "paperwork", but she hasn't got to start the fun stuff yet. The down side to this is that she has to write all the papers, which will take us a LONG time! ha,ha