Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ruffled Valentine Door Decoration

I serged this Ruffled Heart Door Decoration on my serger today while the kids took their very short, less than an hour naps this afternoon. I had this third of a yard of scrap of red satin that I found in the remnant bin awhile back that I had no particular plan for so I thought why not make a heart. I wanted to make a Valentine door decoration last year but never got around to it. Today, I was determined to make a Valentine's decoration so that it could be enjoyed for a few weeks. I snuck downstairs into my sewing room office and serged oodles of ruffles with the ruffle foot of my serger. It is so much easier to make oodles of ruffles on a serger with the ruffle foot than a sewing machine and all in one step, like magic. A ruffling foot makes it so quick and fun. I am so glad to have my ruffling foot that my mom gave me for my serger. Thanks Mom! You are the best!

Note: I started with 15 inches of fabric cut into 3 long strips 4 inches wide and serged them together into one super long strip. The ruffled satin heart is made with a 3 thread rolled hem and the ruffling foot. I attached the fabric to an old clothes hanger that I bent into a heart shape.

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