Thursday, September 30, 2010

Making the Frankenstein Monster

Sophia is excited about Halloween so we are making some fun crafts. She made a scary Frankenstein monster today. She painted the paper bag green and painted all the other materials used except for the black craft foam and pom poms. Then, we went to mommy's gym while the paint dried.

When we returned the paint was dry and ready for the gluing to begin. I told Sophia we were making a face so we laid the pieces where they should go to see if she understood where all the pieces go. I put a little glue on each piece and she pasted them on the bag.

Displaying her work with pride when the glue dried.

Sophia collided heads with another kid and ended up with a black eye. It looks a lot worse today and her whole face turned green. She is pictured above.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sisters in matching outfits

So I made Sophia a new outfit and had plenty of fabric left to make one for Kaylee too.

Kaylee was imitating Sophia here when I was trying to take the photo.

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Halloween Crafts

The maker of Frankenstein

The little papers Sophia is holding are the pictures of what we are making.

I never cease to be amazed at my daughter's ability to do things. Last night I assembled some Halloween craft kits in ziploc freezer bags to pull out to work on when we need some activities. Who knew we would make them all in about fifteen minutes.

I cut out all the pieces and put all the materials with a little picture of what was to be made out of each one so I could remember on any given day what we were supposed to do with each little ziploc bag kit. I put them on the table and told Sophia we were going to do some crafts.

I opened the first bag and told her to color the Frankenstein green with the green marker. I laid the little picture of what we were making next to her so she could see he was green. I went inside to make lunch for a minute. When I came back, Sophia had finished coloring and proceeded to paste the other materials on the paper plate just like the picture. I didn't even tell her what to do. I am amazed that she figured it out just by looking at my tiny picture of the craft.

She proceeded to do the same for the other items too.

The giant scary spider

The pumpkin face

Here are the finished projects. I can't believe we did them all so quickly. I guess I need to make crafts a little more challenging. So much for planning ahead.

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Jump 4 Fun

We went to Jump 4 Fun with our Mother's of Preschoolers group through our church and Sophia had a great time, that is until she went down the slide and bumped heads with another kid. They bumped heads and it just so happened that she bumped her eye so she had a huge shiner on her right eye.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple pie

I made my first apple pie. I just can't wait to eat it. I hope it taste as yummy as it smells.

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Going for a walk

It was a beautiful day so we took a long walk around the neighborhood.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The pink and black top to match the Polk dot skirt birthday surprise

I finally had a chance to sew for fun late last night. I made a matching shirt last night in pink with contrasting ruffles that match the skirt ruffle. I used a basic shirt with a scoop neck style and then added the ruffles to the neck and sleeves. This was so much fun to create and sew for my daughter. I stayed up half the night to finish it. I still need to make the matching hair accessory that I imagined.
Happy Third Birthday Sophia! Your mommy loves you.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Princess Sophia dressed herself

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The Firehouse experience

Our MOPS group visited the firehouse for a playdate today. The idea here was to teach the kids that firemen are the good guys who can help you in a fire and get you to safety. The firemen showed the kids everything that they carried in their big shiny red truck. They also let the kids climb aboard and check out the inside of the cab.

Here the kids sat for a moment to learn about fire safety. The firemen asked what the kids should do if there was smoke. He showed them how he comes into the house crawling in the floor and says, "Fireman here, is there anybody here?". The kids learned to "crawl on the floor" to avoid the rising fire and smoke. Get out of the house if the fire alarm goes off.

They also learned if they find a lighter or matches to tell a grown-up right away.

"If your room window is too high off the ground and you can't get out, grab a big stuffed animal and wave it in front of the window so the fireman can get a ladder up to the window and help you out." explained the fireman. He told them once you get outside, they should have a meeting place with their families like the mailbox.

Then he asked them if you get outside and think, "uh oh I forgot my nano or favorite toy inside. Should I go back inside? The answer was no. What if mommy is inside should I go back in? No. What if my cat or dog is inside? Should I go back in and get them. No. The firemen will go in with their safety gear and get your mommy, your dog, or your cat."

The fireman showed the kids that he wears a "costume" like they do on Halloween to keep them safe in the fire. He put his fancy boots and fire retardant clothing on in front of the kids so they would not be frightened when he put his gear and mask on. He showed us all the technical things on his suit including his air gauge and body alarm that tell him how long he can stay in the building.

It was good for the kids to see him put the gear on so they will not run the opposite way into the fire because they are scared if he has to come after them in a fire rescue.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Diaper cover

Finally had a chance to make matching diaper cover for kaylee's little polka dot skirt just like sophia's polka dot skirt.

Kaylee's polka dot skirt

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Soccer with daddy

Daddy is teaching Sophia to play soccer

Use your feet

Kick it!" exclaimed daddy

"Mommy, I need gloves. The ball is muddy. " whined Sophia.

Daddy said, "Don't touch the ball with your hands."

Run run run

Whoops! Don't touch the ball with your hands.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zebra print flower shoe tote bag

Front view of the zebra print flower shoe bag. I created the little flower just by trying an idea I had and this is how it turned out. More of these flowers may be showing up in my future projects.

Rear view of tote, stands on it's own.

Top view of stretchy shoe pockets. Because her dance shoes are white, I didn't want the shoes to get scuffed in her bag so I created individual stretchy pockets for each shoe. There are six pockets so she can put whatever shoes she wears to the studio in her bag and pull out her tap shoes or ballet shoes.

Sophia was so excited that I made this shoe tote for her that she was jumping up and down. She asked for a pink and black tote. I think she was happy with the outcome.

Sassy girl reflecting and posing

Super excited ballerina ready for dance class with shoe bag in hand

This excited little smiling face is the reason I love to sew. Sophia loves when her mom makes original stuff for her.

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The jewel box at Forest Park

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