Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zebra print flower shoe tote bag

Front view of the zebra print flower shoe bag. I created the little flower just by trying an idea I had and this is how it turned out. More of these flowers may be showing up in my future projects.

Rear view of tote, stands on it's own.

Top view of stretchy shoe pockets. Because her dance shoes are white, I didn't want the shoes to get scuffed in her bag so I created individual stretchy pockets for each shoe. There are six pockets so she can put whatever shoes she wears to the studio in her bag and pull out her tap shoes or ballet shoes.

Sophia was so excited that I made this shoe tote for her that she was jumping up and down. She asked for a pink and black tote. I think she was happy with the outcome.

Sassy girl reflecting and posing

Super excited ballerina ready for dance class with shoe bag in hand

This excited little smiling face is the reason I love to sew. Sophia loves when her mom makes original stuff for her.

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