Monday, January 14, 2013

Sewing custom doll clothes for my daughters' AG dolls.

 My girls were disappointed that their dolls didn't have any pajamas so I made this sweet pink nightgown.
 I sewed a "Hello Kitty" skirt from a tiny scrap I had leftover.
 Here are green skirts with red polka dots.
 My kids love polka dots so her is another version for the other doll.
 Oops, this was Sophia's doll's original outfit. How did that get in there?
 Two dolls in their nightgowns.
 Kaylee told me the dress shoes were slippers tonight.  These were fun to make out of  fleece..

My girls were concerned that we had no coats for their doll friends so I set about designing an original cape from fleece or three. I will be making a few more of each of these in several colors.

 This was the first prototype of the cape. It was a tad too long but the colors were cute.
This was the second prototype which I felt was a bit too short for an overcoat style cape. 
This is the third cape I made.
The fourth time was a charm. I tweaked a few things on this last one. I adjusted the length and the hood a bit and the lime green is the one I like for on overcoat style cape for the 18 inch AG dolls. My girls loved it and insisted they should get to keep them all. So I made another one and listed it.  I was thinking of Spring when I made the bright lime green but my favorite color is still the red riding hood looking cape.