Saturday, August 28, 2010

Making friendship bracelets

Sophia has recently started making friends on her own at the pool. One of her new little friends gave her a little bracelet and Sophia wanted to give her a friendship bracelet too so I told her she could make a beaded bracelet for her pal. The pictures above show her making bracelets for friends. I love that this activity occupied her for over an hour. By the way I taped the elastic cord to a coloring book so the beads wouldn't slide off the other side of the string. I also taped the beads to the book when she was halfway done so we wouldn't have beads everywhere.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Colored a picture like her pony

Sophia just brought me a picture she colored like her pony. She showed me she matched the colors.

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Great weather enjoying outdoors

Picnic lunch in fancy hats

Going for a walk.

Whoosh! Down the big slide at Ft Zumwalt Park.

Swinging on the big girl swings at Ft Zumwalt Park.

"Mommy, push me high so I can fly like a monkey!".

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Giraffe Purse

So here it is! The Giraffe Purse has arrived on the scene by way of the sewing machine and serger. This is an original design that was created by my mom and I.

I have always wanted to make original purses and tote bags. I have made a few along my sewing journey and each time I make one; it gets easier. Not only do I discover new materials and better ways to accomplish what I want, I also learn new tricks of the trade and methods that work for me in accomplishing my goal. Making purses is super fun and I can create the style to fit my client's personality which makes them each unique and customized for the consumer.  If you need a new purse for fall, tote bag, or a stylish diaper bag, let me know.

I can't wait to start my next design. Maybe someday I will get one of the computer programs to design my own patterns rather than creating by trial and error like I do now to achieve the same end result.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dress-up time August 17, 2010

Sophia demanded that we all participate in dress up play and wear our lovely hats. Kaylee even participated and wore a princess tiara that Sophia had made.

Mom, what is this all about?

Princess Kaylee.  Should I dance with my arms out to the sides or something?
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Pool time fun

Going swimming at Winghaven pool with daddy.

Really dad? Could you stop taking pictures of me for minute?

Look over there!

In her rose colored glasses singing, "hey hey, hey, I want to be a rock star".

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ruffled polka dot skirt

Today I made this little ruffled polka dot skirt out of a scrap of fabric without a pattern on my serger while the kids napped. I simply made a skirt and then serged a double-sided ruffle with serged edges.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home-Made Nursing wrap

I made a nursing wrap yesterday.. It was so hot outside, 98 degrees that  we were stuck in the basement keeping cool and so I thought might as well make good use of my time and made this in about an hour. Now, my daughter wants a "dress" like Mommy's.

I always thought stores charged too much for nursing wraps so I always just used a blanket or a towel to cover up while nursing. I was right. I made this for less than you can buy one.  You can't really see it in the picture above but this is three dimensional.  The top portion between the straps has stiff boning in it so it stands off of my chest a little so that I can keep an eye on the baby.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vacation Adventures - Captured by Pirates August 4, 2010

We took the girls to the Science Center to check out the Real Pirates.

Ahoy Mateys you will join the crew of the Whydah. Argh!  The new recruits being fitted for their Pirate hats.

The crew at work

The Whydah

The newest recruits had better swab the deck or being forced to walk the plank.

Sophia trying to snatch a little of the booty.

Pirates Treasure

Sophia on the ship on a stormy night out at sea.

The Pirates are trying to escape the Whydah.  Off with their heads!

Daddy rescued the captives one by one and brought them back to land.  Whew!  Land Ho!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last day of vacation- boating

Kaylee in the boat

Sophia in the boat

The Lake

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Scott on jet ski aug 2, 2010

Scott riding the jet ski

Scott showing off in the cove near the dock on the jet ski

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Coconuts at the Lake of the Ozarks - August 1, 2010

Coconuts is a quaint little open-air sandy beach resort style bar that we visited while at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Since this is a little far from the Lake house, we didn't go by boat to it.

Here is a view of the sandy beach.  Beyond this is a kids playground complete with swings and climb on equipment.

Grandma, I and Sophia went over to check out the little cabana style ice-cream hut at the other end of the sandy beach.

Roger, Grandma, Sophia and I walking back from one of the beverage bars.

Sophia and her Grandma playing in the kiddie pool/hot or in this case cold tub.

Sophia and I playing in the kiddie pool.

Gotcha.  We were playing that mommy was the big fish that caught Sophia and I was eating her up.

Sophia swimming around in the kiddie pool.

Sophia giving her mom a smooch.

This is the over 21 pool and swim up bar.

Kaylee was shade bathing under a coconut tree.

Some fun little signs with Sophia and I pretending to be surfing monkeys

Daddy wanted to play surfing monkeys too.

Kaylee trying to keep cool and sipping her milk under the coconut tree.

The upset of the day for Sophia was that Coconuts didn't sell coconuts.  When we ordered our lunch she told the waitress that she wanted a coconut for lunch.  Scott and I had to tell her the bad news that they didn't have coconuts.  The waitress said the coconuts weren't ripe yet so she couldn't bring any at this time.

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