Monday, December 29, 2008

December 23, 2008 Kissing Elmo

So many of you know Sophia's love of her life is her little furry red monster named "Elmo." Not only does Sophia watch Elmo on TV regularly, she also exclaims as his Elmo's world comes on, "Emo!" which was one of her first words last year.   Here she is kssing her friendly little monster through the TV.  Now, all I can say is, "AW, isn't that cute!"  Her daddy didn't believe it until he saw it with his own eyes and asked what she was doing to our TV.  Scott was laughing as she demonstrated for him how to give Elmo kisses through the TV screen.    

It is just so entertaining watching a toddler learn about the world. I am amazed and delighted each day as she discovers new things about the world and makes her daddy and I laugh in the process.  What did I ever do before I had a child!? 

December 19, 2008 Climbing on the Couch

Sophia is climbing onto the couch all be herself.  This can't be good.

Uh oh!  She succeeded at getting up there all be herself today.  Now, what am I going to do?

Now, she grabbed the spoon I had and started parading around on the couch pillows.  What is a mom to do, but grab the camera and then tell her this is a "No No!"

How can you get mad at such a sweet little face?  I just couldn't get mad at her.  She was so proud of her accomplishment "climbing" on the couch.  Looks like she might be needing a climbing toy of some sort from Santa Claus.  Guess we will have to email Santa to pack a special climbing toy in that big old sleigh. 
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December 19, 2008 Examining the Christmas Tree Ornament

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Sophia is checking out this Hallmark ornament with the Christmas tree and the little toys going around in a circle at the bottom.  She was captivated by the motion happening under the miniature tree.  She even had drool running down her chin as she stood staring the movement of the ornament.
 Merry Christmas sweet Sophia. 

December 18, 2008 Trimming the Christmas Tree

Daddy and Sophia are putting up the Christmas tree.  Last year, Scott bought a new pre-lit 12 foot Christmas tree.  In the photo Scott is plugging in the tree and showing Sophia how we put up the tree.  

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Sophia found the Angel "baby" as stated by Sophia, for Daddy.  Scott is really into Christmas decorations and has collected Hallmark ornaments for about the past 20 years. Many of the ones we have are sound and motion ornaments.  They plug into the light sockets for power.  This makes putting up our tree a several day adventure to say the least.  Well, this year we just barely got the tree up in time for Santa to make his delivery because I was working too much. Retail hours make it tough for us all to be home at the same time.  So, Dec 18 was the first chance we were all home and not completely exhausted to get the tree up.  With our new 12 foot tree, it was quite a challenge to figure out how to get the Hallmark ornaments working.  I tried to plug in a few and they didn't fit into the light sockets.  That meant we would need to put additional lights on our already pre-lit tree.  There just wasn't time for extra work this year and so the ornaments didn't work. The majority of them are on the tree, but they are not magically working and I am slightly disappointed. 

Not only am I sad about the ornaments not working, I am also very disappointed that I was also not able to display my collection of Department 56 villages.  How I miss my large collection of churches and villages. I just really didn't have time to put them out and figure out how to keep Sophia from destroying them in the process.  I suppose I will get over it in a few days when the magic of Christmas happens and we see the delight in Sophia's eyes as she discovers the neat things Santa will bring.  Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 13, 2008 Great Grandma's birthday continued.

Sophia and Mommy playing in the fountain at Ameristar.
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December 13, Great Grandma's Birthday

Great Grandma had a birthday at the Ameristar Casino.  Here Sophia is sampling the strawberries. 

"Yummy Yummy," says Sophia.

Happy Birthday Great Grandma 
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December 9, 2008 Drinking water from a cup

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Above are just a few quick snapshots of Sophia practicing drinking water from a cup.  She is getting better and better at it, but she is still not ready to give up the sippy cup as evidenced by her water soaked PJ's here. 

December 8, 2008 In Search of the Perfect Claus Part 3 - Reindeer Flight Patterns

"What is it with Santa Claus and Reindeer anyway?"

"What are you thinking, making me ride reindeer?  Mommy must be crazy."
"Mum Mum!"

Definitely not a big fan of reindeer, "Mum mum!"

"I am so out of here........get me off this wild reindeer!"
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December 8, 2008 In Search of the Perfect Claus Part two getting to the North Pole

Sir, if you could, please tell me how to get to the North Pole, I would appreciate it. I need to talk with Santa Claus..........
If I crouch down really low, maybe I can see Santa Claus in there......

Hhm, let me this the right way to the North 
Almost there, keep going..........

The North Pole.  Oh goody! We are here. I wonder if Santa is here making toys....
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Monday, December 22, 2008

December 22, 2008 Wrapping Daddy's Christmas Gifts

Wrapping paper on the coffee table, presents on the floor in Kohl's bags, and Christmas decorations scattered about as we decorate the house for Christmas, Sophia helps mommy wrap daddy's presents. 
Below is a short slide show.

December 22, 2008 Wrapping Daddy's Presents




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