Friday, October 29, 2010

Help! There are ghosts in our oven

I thought we would try making salt dough ornaments for something different. Knowing how much Sophia loves Play-Doh I was pretty sure this was going to be a hit. As evidenced by the smile on her face, I think we have a new favorite activity. We just might have to make more dough ornaments.

Here Sophia is scaring up some sweet little ghosts.

We had to make one for each member of the family. If you look closely, you will see two cats and a dog.

Coloring the nose and eyes on the ghost dog.

Then I baked them for two hours at 200*.

The spooky haunted family of ghosts.

From top left to bottom right
Brooke, Brandy, Brittany, Nemo, Mom, Sophia, Kaylee, and Dad.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin carving

First, Sophia picked the perfect pumpkin.

Then, daddy cut out the stem.

Next, they scooped the pumpkin goo out

Keep scooping

Draw the face on the front

Carve the pumpkin.

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Trick or Treaters visit grandma

Kaylee the sunflower

Sophia the butterfly

The girls went to visit their grandma for trick or treat today.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Sweet little ladybug

I made this little ladybug in a couple minutes yesterday while both kids were supposed to be napping. I put kaylee down for an afternoon nap but she didn't go to sleep.

The purpose for this little ladybug is to add him to Kaylee's sunflower costume. It will go on the flower petal.

When Sophia saw it she wanted one too. I was planning on making it detachable so Kaylee could play with it but now I might have to make two.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trunk or treat in Winghaven

My sweet little sunflower, Kaylee

Trick or treating

Poor little butterfly. Her antennae kept blowing around in the strong winds.

This pic gives new meaning to the phrase, "I'll eat my hat." Kaylee is busy chewing on her hat and waving to the crowds.

Bye bye!

The businesses in Winghaven all got together for a little trick or treating fun for the kids. So I hurried to finish sewing the kids costumes and packed everyone in the car. Each business had a little booth out of the trunk of their car that gave the kids candy and the parents information on the company.

We saw a few of our favorite places. Our pediatrician's office was there. We saw our dentist and Sophia's dancing school along with many other local businesses. Each booth had some kind of little game or face painting or bounce house for the kids. It was a really fun free afternoon.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just playing after Trunk or Treat

Sisters just playing

How did mom have this leaf on this flower?

Is this right?

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Pumpkin patch craft

This craft kept my girls busy for a while. Although it took some cutting and preparation on my part, I think it was worth it for the fun it was for girls to make it.

Here is the finished pumpkin patch Sophia made. Kaylee supervised the whole thing from the side.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eckert's Apple Orchard

We decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and took our girls to Eckert's apple orchard. We started off with a ride on the big tractor pulled wagon down to the apple trees.

We hopped off the wagon and entered the apple orchard with much excitement. I could see the sparkle of anticipation in my three year old's eye as we stepped into a beautiful wonderland of sweet little apple trees.

We picked about ten pounds of fuji apples. We heaved those heavy bags of marvelous red apples back up into the wagon to continue on our journey.

Next stop was the pumpkin patch. This year's pumpkins just aren't very good. This is the second pumpkin patch we checked out this year and the pumpkins leave a little to be desired. We couldn't find a single pumpkin to bring home. Looks like I will be buying some pumpkins at the grocery store. We hopped back in the wagon and the farmer took us back to where all the other attractions were on the farm. Sophia is playing up in this fort pictured below.

A little game of peek- a - boo took place here where Sophia peeked at her sister and I from around this little building.

Flying the planes on the rides

Look mom, no hands

Waiting around with daddy in line to get on the big red spinning apple ride.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Annual Rombachs Trip....In Search of the Great Pumpkin

Ready to go. Did someone say we are going to a pumpkin patch?

Traveling by wagon to the pumpkin patch farm

Daddy taking pictures of Sophia

Wow! Look at the sweet pumpkin in the middle. I want that one.

Sophia riding the real live pony carousel. She doesn't care for regular carousels.

Pumpkins playing in the patch

This was cute both girls facing the same way

Wow! That is heavy.

Looking for a little pumpkin in the big pumpkin patch.

I found the perfect kaylee pumpkin.

Uncle mike and Sophia looking for pumpkins.

My pumpkin

Daddy helping his girls find pumpkins.

If I only had teeth, they would let me have some of this funnel cake.

Riding the train

Riding the horse


You have heard of smashing pumpkins, I think swinging pumpkins are more fun

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