Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eckert's Apple Orchard

We decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and took our girls to Eckert's apple orchard. We started off with a ride on the big tractor pulled wagon down to the apple trees.

We hopped off the wagon and entered the apple orchard with much excitement. I could see the sparkle of anticipation in my three year old's eye as we stepped into a beautiful wonderland of sweet little apple trees.

We picked about ten pounds of fuji apples. We heaved those heavy bags of marvelous red apples back up into the wagon to continue on our journey.

Next stop was the pumpkin patch. This year's pumpkins just aren't very good. This is the second pumpkin patch we checked out this year and the pumpkins leave a little to be desired. We couldn't find a single pumpkin to bring home. Looks like I will be buying some pumpkins at the grocery store. We hopped back in the wagon and the farmer took us back to where all the other attractions were on the farm. Sophia is playing up in this fort pictured below.

A little game of peek- a - boo took place here where Sophia peeked at her sister and I from around this little building.

Flying the planes on the rides

Look mom, no hands

Waiting around with daddy in line to get on the big red spinning apple ride.

Kaylee all tuckered out from watching her big sister all day. using BlogPress from my iPhone

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