Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Annual Rombachs Trip....In Search of the Great Pumpkin

Ready to go. Did someone say we are going to a pumpkin patch?

Traveling by wagon to the pumpkin patch farm

Daddy taking pictures of Sophia

Wow! Look at the sweet pumpkin in the middle. I want that one.

Sophia riding the real live pony carousel. She doesn't care for regular carousels.

Pumpkins playing in the patch

This was cute both girls facing the same way

Wow! That is heavy.

Looking for a little pumpkin in the big pumpkin patch.

I found the perfect kaylee pumpkin.

Uncle mike and Sophia looking for pumpkins.

My pumpkin

Daddy helping his girls find pumpkins.

If I only had teeth, they would let me have some of this funnel cake.

Riding the train

Riding the horse


You have heard of smashing pumpkins, I think swinging pumpkins are more fun

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