Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Disney Crew - My favorite Little Mermaid and My favorite Mini Minnie Mouse

 Sophia was really excited about wearing the Little Mermaid costume I made for her.  I tried to make it look as authentic as possible.    She was so excited that we found fabric that looked like scales for the tail.

She is always smiling

She loved the red hair at first.  It was fun to look like Ariel whom she has loved since she was a tiny baby.

Kaylee likes her Minnie Mouse costume that Mommy sewed too.  Here she is getting ready to go help me at Sophia's Preschool Party.
We need big Minnie ears.
"Mommy,  I want to wear pretty dress.  I am Minnie Mouse!" 


Sophia's Preschool Costume Parade.

 Captain America at the Trick or Treating Parade

 Sophia Trick or Treating at Preschool


 My favorite Little Mermaid

The whole class having snack together with their rock star teacher.

 Halloween Party snack

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Home-Made Apple Pie

Fresh apple pie. Mmmm! We topped it with just a tiny scoop of Icecream for apple pie a-la-mode.
Recipe I used from Simply Recipes is listed below.

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