Friday, June 28, 2013

Winghaven Wahoos

Here is Sophia (in the pink swim cap) and some of her teammates who she has become friends with over the summer. Kaylee snuck into the photo too at the swim meet.

Fresh from our container garden, I cut these fresh banana peppers and jalapeños

I am having good success with my pepper plants.  The kids and I like the sweet banana peppers and Scott loves the hot jalapeños.  They went really well with our tacos I cooked tonight. Mmmm! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Deck container garden is doing well -just a few photos

My deck container garden is doing fairly well.  I am sure my neighbors are thinking "what?"  Well, container gardening is so easy because you rarely have to pull weeds which is the part of gardening that I detest.  The toughest part is buying flower pots large enough to not stunt the root growth.  I invested in some very large pots this year.

After many errors I have finally gotten this right.  I have veggies growing.  Yeah!  We have been eating the lettuce out of our container garden for months now and it finally decided to flower and seed which means with the hot weather it has gone bitter. Yuck.  It is definitely a cool weather plant..  

Sophia has also had the opportunity to pick strawberries from our strawberry plants all spring.  Although the strawberries were very small but tasty.  Now that it is turning hot outside the strawberries will not produce anymore but the plants still look a pretty green.

The other vegetables are starting to come out now.  I am so excited that these are sprouting.  I am even going to let Scott eat one of these jalapeños tonight pictured near the bottom if he wants it.  
Sweet Banana peppers

Sweet red bell peppers, not red yet though. 

Cherry tomatoes

Broccoli plant
Oregano in the background and basil and purple basil



Chocolate mint

Jalapeño peppers I grew for my husband who loves spicy foods. 

 There is a lot more here but this is just a sampling.
 My favorite thing though is this beautiful, "not edible" Chocolate Calla Lilly that just came back from last year's Mothers Day 2012.  I gave one to my mom, my grandmother, and my mom's friend Cathy.  This is the last thing I ever gave my grandmother as a gift before she passed. I also planted one for myself.  I thought it had died because it never sprouted a leaf or stem all spring. Last week, a tiny green sprout came up where it was planted the year before. For the last week, I have been praying for God or Grandma to give me a sign that Grandma is here with me.  I miss her dearly.  Today is the one year anniversary of her meeting God in heaven and my Calla Lilly bloomed.  Coincidence?  I don't know.  I think somehow Grandma is helping me with my plants.  I have never kept plants alive for long, but this one came back and my vegetable garden is thriving. Grandma Consolino had a green thumb and taught me when I was a small girl all the names of flowers and plants.   I think somehow she may be helping me now, but I am not exactly sure how.  I miss and love her so much.  I wrote this as a small tribute to her on this day June 25, 2013 to celebrate life, memories, and the love that I have for her and who she has taught me to be.  She was truly the most beautiful person I have ever known with the biggest heart. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wahoo swim team color flip flops

I made these Wahoo Swim team flip flops for Sophia.  I hope she likes them.  She has been wearing pink shoes/sandals with everything including her team swimsuit so I thought she might like some flip flops color coordinated to her team swimsuit. I plan to surprise her with these in the morning.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kaylee - finally has a strawberry outfit

I serged this little summer outfit with my serger.  It was fun to sew something especially for Kaylee.  She wanted a strawberry dress like Sophia's but I figured a shirt and skort were more practical for her.  She is my super active kid who really  keeps me hopping.  If you have ever tried to hold a conversation with me and felt like I have ADD well then you have seen Kaylee in action. Sorry, about that.  She is such a sweetheart but she can move across the room in seconds if she sees trouble she can get into she does.  
I serged this out of knit type fabric so it is soft and fluid, moves with her active little body. I enjoyed learning a triple cover stitch to make the waistband smooth and similar to "ready to wear" clothing. I made the lettuce edge ruffle on the bottom to give it a simple sweet girly ruffled flair.  

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Porcupine or hedgehog shorts set I serged

Sophia has a new obsession with hedgehogs or porcupines. She saw this fabric and couldn't resist having mommy make her a shorts set. 
Here she is modeling it and making faces at me. 
Back view of her fun outfit.

Shorts I sewed for her.

Here is the ensemble before I added the finishing touch of the bow on the front.

Power went out last night as I took this picture of this outfit I serged in a day.