Monday, June 17, 2013

Kaylee - finally has a strawberry outfit

I serged this little summer outfit with my serger.  It was fun to sew something especially for Kaylee.  She wanted a strawberry dress like Sophia's but I figured a shirt and skort were more practical for her.  She is my super active kid who really  keeps me hopping.  If you have ever tried to hold a conversation with me and felt like I have ADD well then you have seen Kaylee in action. Sorry, about that.  She is such a sweetheart but she can move across the room in seconds if she sees trouble she can get into she does.  
I serged this out of knit type fabric so it is soft and fluid, moves with her active little body. I enjoyed learning a triple cover stitch to make the waistband smooth and similar to "ready to wear" clothing. I made the lettuce edge ruffle on the bottom to give it a simple sweet girly ruffled flair.  

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