Friday, December 28, 2012

Marshmallow Dance

What is our crazy Elf Jingle Bells doing with those marshmallows and an empty cup of hot cocoa?

Kaylee and Sophia think our Elf Jingle Bells was eating the giant campfire marshmallows or using them as a footstool and eating the miniature marshmallows.
Look, he drank it all.

You silly Elf...
Kaylee is ready for the crazy Marshmallow fight their daddy does every year.
Sophia and Kaylee ready to take aim with marshmallows at their daddy.

Armed with her marshmallows she is ready to start the game.

Even our dog participated in this one.  She ate the marshamllows which it turns out wasn't such a great idea.  After all the fun, I had to get out the steam cleaner.

 My sweet little Santa Elf.

 Whew!  They had fun and now it is time for hit cocoa.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Apparently riding the dog is frowned upon in this establishment but not by Kaylee

"Mommy, I ride our doggy."

"I love you!"

When the dog had had enough, Kaylee rolled off onto the floor. 

New York City Santa flew in from the North Pole at Macy's

Do you believe in Santa?

Sophia is the girl in the middle with the ponytails listening to the story.

"Santa Claus will you come to my house and bring toys?" asked Kaylee

Sophia writing her letter to Santa to mail at the big red Macy's mailbox.
Kaylee scribbling a quick note to Santa all on her own to be mailed to Santa via the big red mailbox at Macy's.
Such concentration is needed for letter writing.
"Mom, can you help me a bit?"
Sophia was tired of writing so mom helped her finish the letter.

Kaylee waiting her turn for mom to address the letters.

Yummy free cookies courtesy of Macy's were given to the kids.

That is a genuine smile Kaylee flashed at the Elf who delivered the iced cookies.
"Mommy, can I eat my cookie?" questioned Kaylee.

"Kaylee you have to put your letter in the mailbox to Santa," commanded Sophia.

Sophia met Virginia the girl who wrote the letter to Santa and the Sun times to find out if Santa was real.

Make sure to mail your letter Sophia.
Sophia gives a "High Five" to Virginia.

Hi Kaylee.

High five from Kaylee to Virginia.
Kaylee asking Virginia what she was holding

Suzie Q and Sophia talking about what design Sophia would like for face painting.  

Susie Q the Elf from the North Pole told Sophia that she was the head candy cane stripe painter.  She paints all the stripes on the candy canes.  She even asked Sophia is she had eaten any candy canes yet this year. Susie Q said she would have painted the ones Sophia ate.  Sophia thought that was the coolest thing ever since she loves to paint.  

Sophia beaming having her face painted.

Kaylee holding still or trying to for face painting.

Kaylee was so excited to have her face painted for the first time.  She loved her candy cane.

Santa telling a story, Merry Christmas to all.