Thursday, December 20, 2012

In search of the perfect Santa Claus...2012

Sophia and Kaylee Christmas photo with Santa 2012
" Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas everybody.  Did you know we are wired for the internet at the North Pole.  Mom and Dad can send an email to Mrs. Claus to report to me about how good you are being.  It is instant notification so you girls need to be really good so I get a good report," reported Santa.
 Sophia said, "Santa, here is a list of a few things I am wishing for.  I have Kaylee's list too. My list is blue and Kaylee's is white."
 Santa replied, " That is great that you brought the list so I can match it to your picture and remember what you would like."
 Santa said, "Let me see what you would like Sophia."

 "Kaylee I have to take your picture so I know who wants these toys on your list. I want to make sure I know which house to leave these toys at.  You don't want me to leave all this wonderful stuff at the wrong little girl's house.  So come one over and we will get a nice picture, " gently urged Santa.

"Sophia, you be really good and I will stop by your house on
Christmas eve with these presents on your list."

 "Santa here is my list so your don't forget what I like," said Sophia.
The Santa Claus 2012 photo from West County Mall.

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Beth said...

Yay for Santa!! You gotta love a good Santa. :)