Thursday, March 31, 2011

Go Cardinals!

Go Cardinals!  It is Opening Day for our beloved baseball Cardinals!  This little fellow landed in my backyard and has been hanging around for a few days.  I thought he was the perfect way to honor our baseball Cardinals.
 Enough birds already! I was yelling at Sophia to stop throwing stuff downstairs and making strange noises.  I couldn't figure out why she was doing that and lying.  Then, I looked up and asked what she threw across the house and she told me she didn't throw anything.
Well, I had to eat my words and apologize when I stood up and looked downstairs to find this bird sitting inside my window.  I panicked wondering how do I catch a bird in the house.  I grabbed a broom, a laundry basket ( I was doing laundry) and a poster board.  I  caught him here in the window  with the laundry basket and covered it with a posterboard. I carried him in there upstairs and sent him back to flying freedom in the  great outdoors.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My girlie girls and hair-bows

Sophia insisted on wearing numerous hair-bows today. I think she looks a little like Punky Brewster or a little punk rocker with so many hair-bows.

Kaylee wanted to put some hair-bows in too.

She kept trying to put this ribbon in her hair.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I had tiny strips of fabric, so I made a rose barrette garden

If you sew, you know you should never waste any scraps because one day some great idea might come along that they can be used for when you get time.

Most people would have thrown away these tiny scraps of fabric leftover from projects but not me. I have a serger and figured, I could use them for something someday as trim on my kids dresses. Someday came and as you can see I serged some sweet fabric ribbon roses for my girls to use as hair-bows.

Here is another one.

Then, I made a whole bunch more of the serged fabric ribbon roses into hair barrettes for my girls using up a bunch of tiny strips. My favorite is the yellow organza rose. I have many more to make so I will stop blogging for now.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Routine and chore charts

Sophia's routine chart

Sophia's chore chart

Sophia has been quite a challenge lately. She says she doesn't want to do what is asked or does the opposite if she can. It is driving us crazy. So, I talked with her yesterday and we decided with of course my forceful suggestion this is going to be a new way for us to handle some things around here.

She and I discussed what items should be on the lists and why. Hopefully, this will be a positive way to get her to do things that need to be done. I hope this happens without yelling because she will get reward stars and points for doing what is on the chart each day. She understands she can lose points for bad behavior so she has to be good to get whatever the surprise is.

She is pretty excited about this because it gives her some autonomy by helping her remember what she has to do. She is responsible for her actions and can win a surprise by maintaining a certain number of points each day.

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Dancing kaylee

YouTube Video

11 month old dancing Kaylee

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Go Go Squeeze Applesauce

Kaylee loves Go Go Squeeze applesauce from Costco. She sips it like a sippy cup and it doesn't get all over.

Here, she is showing me it is empty.

Sophia wanted a pic too eating her applesauce.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Collage of Disney on Ice

Scott took Sophia to see Disney on Ice. This is the first time she has ever gone to a show like this.  She had no idea what to expect but she was excited.  Above is a collage of his snapshots from the show.

 Sometimes even Princesses ride the Metrolink

 My little Princess awaiting her Coach to the ball
Here comes the Coach.
My beautiful precious Princess arrived at the show.  Here she is checking out the cool souvenir her father got for her.  I fixed her hair in an updo and painted her finger and toe nails for the event.  She decided she had to wear a tutu and a matching hairbow.  An outfit fit for a Princess.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Serged ribbon roses

I made ribbon roses today that I might make into hair barrettes for my girls.  I just need to get some tiny clips  to attach them to. I always have long scraps of fabric leftover from various projects I make. I knew someday I would get brave enough to try something new.

Today I serged some of the fabric strips into long ribbons. I used a three thread rolled hem on the serger with woolly nylon overlock thread for a smooth beautiful sharp looking edge.

From the serged fabric ribbons, I made a fancy ribbon rose. I am obsessed with figuring out how to make fabric flowers right now. A serger definitely makes this very possible and fun. Apparently it is an addiction that I cannot seem to shake. So, above is my first official fancy fabric ribbon rose.

Then, I thought I have an extra strip of this sheer vibrant purple leftover from a ring scarf I made today and you guessed it. I serged another fabric ribbon and turned it into a rose too.  Then, I serged a few more.

I just might have to dig through all my scraps and make more of these fun little ribbon fabric flowers.

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Painting seemed like a great way to spend this snowy March day.
A little blue paint added to the shelf she made with her Grandma.
"Mommy, I like this dish you let me paint.  Can I plant some plants in the flowerpot?"
"Mommy, I am painting rainbows on the flowerpots."

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Standing up outside

Smiling and scheming her next move.


Rolling into position

One foot here and one foot there, and...

Up she goes.

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Sisters looking beautiful

Look in the mirror Kaylee, we are beautiful!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St Patrick's Day Parade

Grandma and Sophia riding the Metrolink dressed up in their green.
She is so excited about her first trip to the parade on the Metrolink

How I kept Kaylee contained while we watched the parade.

Sophia trying on the St. Patrick's hat

Kaylee watching the parade and munching Cheerios before she put the Cheerio in her ear.

shamrock balloons

mini pony

Helen Fitzgerald's balloon

Remote control lazy boy recliners

 Leprechaun balloon

Model T
Poor sleepy Kaylee almost watched the whole parade.
Who put this crazy hat on my head?
My tired girls riding the
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