Monday, March 28, 2011

Routine and chore charts

Sophia's routine chart

Sophia's chore chart

Sophia has been quite a challenge lately. She says she doesn't want to do what is asked or does the opposite if she can. It is driving us crazy. So, I talked with her yesterday and we decided with of course my forceful suggestion this is going to be a new way for us to handle some things around here.

She and I discussed what items should be on the lists and why. Hopefully, this will be a positive way to get her to do things that need to be done. I hope this happens without yelling because she will get reward stars and points for doing what is on the chart each day. She understands she can lose points for bad behavior so she has to be good to get whatever the surprise is.

She is pretty excited about this because it gives her some autonomy by helping her remember what she has to do. She is responsible for her actions and can win a surprise by maintaining a certain number of points each day.

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