Thursday, March 31, 2011

Go Cardinals!

Go Cardinals!  It is Opening Day for our beloved baseball Cardinals!  This little fellow landed in my backyard and has been hanging around for a few days.  I thought he was the perfect way to honor our baseball Cardinals.
 Enough birds already! I was yelling at Sophia to stop throwing stuff downstairs and making strange noises.  I couldn't figure out why she was doing that and lying.  Then, I looked up and asked what she threw across the house and she told me she didn't throw anything.
Well, I had to eat my words and apologize when I stood up and looked downstairs to find this bird sitting inside my window.  I panicked wondering how do I catch a bird in the house.  I grabbed a broom, a laundry basket ( I was doing laundry) and a poster board.  I  caught him here in the window  with the laundry basket and covered it with a posterboard. I carried him in there upstairs and sent him back to flying freedom in the  great outdoors.  

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