Friday, March 25, 2011

Serged ribbon roses

I made ribbon roses today that I might make into hair barrettes for my girls.  I just need to get some tiny clips  to attach them to. I always have long scraps of fabric leftover from various projects I make. I knew someday I would get brave enough to try something new.

Today I serged some of the fabric strips into long ribbons. I used a three thread rolled hem on the serger with woolly nylon overlock thread for a smooth beautiful sharp looking edge.

From the serged fabric ribbons, I made a fancy ribbon rose. I am obsessed with figuring out how to make fabric flowers right now. A serger definitely makes this very possible and fun. Apparently it is an addiction that I cannot seem to shake. So, above is my first official fancy fabric ribbon rose.

Then, I thought I have an extra strip of this sheer vibrant purple leftover from a ring scarf I made today and you guessed it. I serged another fabric ribbon and turned it into a rose too.  Then, I serged a few more.

I just might have to dig through all my scraps and make more of these fun little ribbon fabric flowers.

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