Friday, March 11, 2011

Ring Scarves - my new love

Sophia took this photo of the scarf.  I think I need a dressmaker's form to display fun stuff.
Sophia proudly displaying a new scarf.
Here is another view.

Since I was a small girl I have always had a "love" of accessories.  Jewelry and belts and scarves and as of lately hairbows for my sweet girls.  They just add an extra level of sparkle to an outfit. Not only do they add sparkle but they can also tie any outfit together.  I made these ring scarves on the Serger in minutes, yes, I said minutes.  I used a three thread overlock stitch to create these lovely fashion accessories. You can dress up any T-shirt or work blouse or plain dress with these. There is no worries about how to tie them because you do not need to tie them to keep them on.  Slip them on over your head as you run out the door to work or a fancy event.
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