Friday, December 28, 2012

Marshmallow Dance

What is our crazy Elf Jingle Bells doing with those marshmallows and an empty cup of hot cocoa?

Kaylee and Sophia think our Elf Jingle Bells was eating the giant campfire marshmallows or using them as a footstool and eating the miniature marshmallows.
Look, he drank it all.

You silly Elf...
Kaylee is ready for the crazy Marshmallow fight their daddy does every year.
Sophia and Kaylee ready to take aim with marshmallows at their daddy.

Armed with her marshmallows she is ready to start the game.

Even our dog participated in this one.  She ate the marshamllows which it turns out wasn't such a great idea.  After all the fun, I had to get out the steam cleaner.

 My sweet little Santa Elf.

 Whew!  They had fun and now it is time for hit cocoa.

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