Friday, September 17, 2010

The Firehouse experience

Our MOPS group visited the firehouse for a playdate today. The idea here was to teach the kids that firemen are the good guys who can help you in a fire and get you to safety. The firemen showed the kids everything that they carried in their big shiny red truck. They also let the kids climb aboard and check out the inside of the cab.

Here the kids sat for a moment to learn about fire safety. The firemen asked what the kids should do if there was smoke. He showed them how he comes into the house crawling in the floor and says, "Fireman here, is there anybody here?". The kids learned to "crawl on the floor" to avoid the rising fire and smoke. Get out of the house if the fire alarm goes off.

They also learned if they find a lighter or matches to tell a grown-up right away.

"If your room window is too high off the ground and you can't get out, grab a big stuffed animal and wave it in front of the window so the fireman can get a ladder up to the window and help you out." explained the fireman. He told them once you get outside, they should have a meeting place with their families like the mailbox.

Then he asked them if you get outside and think, "uh oh I forgot my nano or favorite toy inside. Should I go back inside? The answer was no. What if mommy is inside should I go back in? No. What if my cat or dog is inside? Should I go back in and get them. No. The firemen will go in with their safety gear and get your mommy, your dog, or your cat."

The fireman showed the kids that he wears a "costume" like they do on Halloween to keep them safe in the fire. He put his fancy boots and fire retardant clothing on in front of the kids so they would not be frightened when he put his gear and mask on. He showed us all the technical things on his suit including his air gauge and body alarm that tell him how long he can stay in the building.

It was good for the kids to see him put the gear on so they will not run the opposite way into the fire because they are scared if he has to come after them in a fire rescue.

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