Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's a "door snake?"

The cozy little pair of door snakes

They have door hangers to hang them on the knob when they are not under the door blocking drafts.

Anyone who sews knows it is hard to come up with sewing items that a guy would like so here is something that I made for my brother. He asked yesterday where he could buy a door snake. Well, I am not sure where you can buy one ready made, but I was very sure I could make what he needed and what I call an under door draft stopper.

Mike was the inspiration for tonight's little project.

I made these whimsical little "door snakes" to block out the drafts in his home.

I hope he likes these little guys and they keep the cold out of the house.

If you need one or know someone who has drafts and needs one, let me know. They can be made in any color to match your home decor.

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1 comment:

Tracy said...

I've been meaning to make one of these for the back door. What did you fill it with?