Friday, January 13, 2012

You create it from a paper bag "GO!"

Yesterday was a snow day for my four year old and I decided paper crafts would be fun. She made the Princess Crowns and we had a bit of the paper bag left over. So around dinner time I asked her if she wanted to throw the bag away or make a puppet or hat or something out of it. I tossed some google eyes on the table, a bag of colorful Pom poms, some random scrap paper and threw in a few paper plates straight out of my craft bins. She wanted to make something so I said, here are some raw materials, design what you want. You can use anything or everything I have given you here and if you need scissors or glue, I will let you use those too.

Can I say how impressed I was when Sophia created this little dog completely on her own. She first cut out the paper plate ears and set to making this little guy. Can you believe it? I am amazed at her imagination and creativity. I didn't give her a hint of what to make at all.

I might just have to save this one for awhile. It is just too cute to part with.

Happy Snow Day little puppet dog.
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