Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Seven little luxurious Santa Toy Sacks

A friend of mine needed some cute little Santa Sacks for seven little girls for a Christmas program. She and I went to the store and chose beautiful crushed velvet, luxurious white fur, and holiday rope with gold twisted into the strands.

I made these large Santa Sacks similar to the little Christmas Santa Sacks I make for gifts, but these were much fancier with all the fur. They are approximately the size of a regular pillowcase.

Although fur is not my favorite fabric to sew due to the shedding and mess it makes of the inner mechanisms of a sewing machine, they turned out Super cute. I will be tearing both my sewing machine and serger apart in the next twenty four hours to clean out all of the fur and re-oil all the parts so it is ready for all the upcoming sewing projects I have planned.

After all the work from Halloween costume sewing and Christmas gift bags my machines are needing some loving cleaning and general maintenance so they don't break while I hurriedly start making Christmas gifts.

If you need me to sew up some magical Christmas gifts for you, let me know.

I better stop blogging and get working on my next project involving blue jeans and zippers.

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