Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or treat on Halloween

I caught a cute little Kaylee ducky.

Trick or treating

Kaylee waddling in her big webbed duck feet

Sophia as Olivia skipping down the sidewalk and singing.

Trick or treat.

Can't wait until she gets inside.


"Kaylee look at all this candy."


Wow! Look at all this candy!


Eating too much candy can make a little Kaylee ducky quite Thursday.

My girls had so much fun trick or treating in the costumes I sewed for them.

Olivia was my biggest challenge to date. I made this costume without a pattern. I just looked at Sophia's plush doll and designed the head in the shape of a hood with a pig snout. I wasn't sure I could make it look like Olivia the pig, but I think I succeeded in coming relatively close.

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