Thursday, March 25, 2010

Planting the seeds for a garden

Placing seeds in each peat pot in the starter tray
Carefuly placing one seed in each pot
She is admiring each little seed as she takes them out of the envelope and puts them in the pot
From left to right, she has planted cucumbers, green beans, yellow squash, and peas.
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Sophia planted seeds for a garden. She loves vegetables so I thought this would be fun for her to learn where they come from.  She has watched "Little Bear" and "Curious George" plant seeds in their gardens so she knew what we were doing when we sat down to do this. I told her we would start them in this tray and move them outside later when it gets warmer.   I am still nervous about any cool weather chills that can come through at this time of the year.  Here, she has placed all the little seeds on the peat pots.  I think she was pretty proud of herself when she finished putting them in the tray as evidenced from her smile.   I finished them off for her so that she wouldn't make a huge mess in the family room.

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Tracy said...

Let me know how your garden does, we can compare notes on what did good, why, etc. : )