Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tunic Top / "dress" as she calls it, I made for Sophia

Sophia was so proud that she was able to find some shorts all by herself and get them out of her drawer and put them on with her new tunic top I made for her on my serger.   Here, she is showing off putting on her own shorts.
I have been wanting to try making a tunic style top for my daughter on my serger with lettuce leaf ruffle edging.    I finally had a chance to make this top yesterday and made a fun matching bow for her hair.   Here. she was so excited to wear it, that she couldn't wait to put it on after her bath this morning.

Can I say, she loves to pose for photos?
Posted by PicasaShe told me that she likes her blue dress and smiled really big for me in this photo.

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Tracy said...

very cute... I'm so jealous you have a serger!!! : )