Monday, December 14, 2009

The big surprise 85th birthday present

Sophia's home-made present for Great Grandma's 85 th birthday was a colorful little birdhouse.

Sophia and I often do activities together and I am always looking for different fun things to try with her. I realize some of it is a little too hard for her at times, but she does well when we work as a team. It is great bonding time for us. She always ask me everyday to do activities so I try to have couple planned that are easy and quick. Sometimes I feel like a teacher making lesson plans for all the stuff we try, but I think it is worth it in the end. We have some great surprises in store for our family for Christmas that Sophia made about a month ago.

A few months ago I spotted these adorable little unfinished wooden bird houses at the store and thought what a perfect gift for a bird lover.

Sophia loves to paint so I knew this would be a fun project. I admit I was nervous about the painting part but knew it would be cute if it turned out.

So I bought the little bird house with the intent of Sophia and I making some home-made gifts this year.

I spread plastic on the floor and plastic on Sophia's little table. As pictured Sophia is covered from her shoulders down to her toes in her smock.

You can tell from her expression here that she was having a blast painting. Unfortunately, she moved slightly out of the photo when I snapped this one.

Sophia knows Great Grandma loves birds so it makes sense to make her a bird house.

My little artist hard at work concentrating on painting yellow and then green.

Pictured above you will see the finished birdhouse. Not only does Sophia love to paint, but she also loves to glue and paste things together. So, she and I glued the little flower wood cut-outs onto the house. Great Grandma also loves flowers and has taught me most of what I know about plants and flower names over the years. So the theme for this tiny house was flowers all around. I let Sophia help me choose the flowers that we used for the project. She likes yellow a lot so this is the result.

Corner view

Side view

I believe that Great Grandma was surprised to see such a cute little house made by her great granddaughter. Happy 85th birthday Great Grandma! We love you!

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