Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5, 2009 In Search of the Perfect Santa Claus

photo 1

photo 2

Up on the housetop reindeer paws, out jumps good old Santa Claus. Down through the chimney with lots of toys all for the little ones Christmas joys!

This year I have been telling Sophia for a few weeks that Santa is watching her and will be coming down the chimney into the fireplace to bring her toys. She looked at me like I was crazy at first but after watching several Christmas stories I think she is starting to get it.

After many visits to see Santa , Sophia is warming up to him. Today I decided was the day to make the photo. So this morning I decided it was time to get the Santa Claus photograph for 2009.

This weekend we took our annual trip to the North Pole. We packed up the smallest Elf in the house and Daddy Elf and Mommy Elf set out on our day long journey in search of the perfect Santa Claus with a fancy elf dress and plenty of extra clothes, milk and cameras galore.

First stop, Chesterfield Mall transformed into the North Pole. Sophia Elf was so excited that we were going to see Santa Claus again. We wound our way through the walkway of mall through the North Pole. Sophia eagerly trotted through the little Santa village set to find her new friend Santa Claus. She ran right up to him and gave him a high five. She sat on his lap and told him she wanted presents. The photographer snapped the photo above (photo 2 in the post). He gave her a candy cane and a coloring book which she was excited to receive.

As we moved through the village, we were magically transported back to the Chesterfield mall to select our favorite photograph.

We told Santa that Sophia Elf and Mommy Elf and Daddy Elf would meet him over at the next mall after he fed his reindeer a nice lunch. We packed up the troops and headed to West County mall for a second option for a Santa photo. Here we found Santa waiting patiently for our arrival. Sophia Elf once again went up to see Santa and sat right up on his lap. Santa's photographer elves snapped the photo and you can see this was a better photo. (See photo 1 in the post). Sophia Elf once again told Santa she had been good and wanted that kitchen for Christmas. All in all it was a fun day spent in search of the Jolly Old Santa Claus. Merry Christmas to all!

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