Thursday, December 24, 2009

Howling outside my window? Wait, it is not the wind!

So the other night I am catching some much needed zzzz's and I am dreaming for whatever reason that I am being chased. I narrowly escape the suspect.

When all of a sudden I hear this noise in my dream that doesn't fit the story.

I hear my husband shout, "What was that?" He sometimes talks in his sleep but not that clearly. The problem is he was not in my dream either so I awaken startled to find him standing at our bedroom window peering out into the dark night. I realize he was not talking in his sleep but rather talking to me.

Another slow horrible laughing sound bellows out quite loudly followed by an emergency siren ringing out from the fire truck or ambulance rushing off to somehere.

Drowsy from my sleep still I wonder what is going on?

Another howl sound fills my ears as I lay barely awake staring out the window watching my husband watching the commotiom.

It was close enough to morning so we both got up and I asked what was that. He said that it was coyotes or so he thought howling at the emergency sirens. He says he saw them sitting on the golf course on top of the hill. From a distance he was pretty sure they were wolves not coyotes. How scary is that? They must have crept out of the woods beyond the golf course. I was suddenly terrified to think that real life was more scary than my dream, I have never considered that coyotes could be just beyond my backyard. I always take my dog out late at night and cautiously watch for people but never ever considered that coyotes could be lurking out there watching me and my dog. I always carry my phone out with me but now even more so. I also hope they were only passing through because I have my sweet little Sophia here to protect.

I haven't heard them again so maybe they were just passing through but how terrifying to think wild coyotes are just out back.

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