Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sophia at two years old

Many years ago scott's parents had an oil painting made of him at two years old. It was a beautiful painting that hangs in our house near our stairs.

Last year Scott suggested we should have a oil painting portrait made of Sophia at the same age. So we set out to find a perfect artist talented in capturing the child's personality as well as being able to make the painting somewhat resemble Scott's original portrait.

After much research we hired Lisa Ober to paint Sophia's portrait We are pleased with her work as you can see above. She was able to really capture Sophia's expressions and personality.

Lisa is a well-known local artist here in O'Fallon and not only paints oils but does pastels as well. She has painted some of the Supreme Court Justices and several local well-known personalities as well. She also paints animals such as horses and your favorite family pets. We love the results.

We just recently had the painting framed and hung it in our family room. Sophia was so excited when she saw it. We asked her who it was and she exuberantly yelled, "Sophia!"

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