Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve - a family tradition

Many years ago back when my mom was a young girl my family started a tradition that the family would go to Christmas Eve mass at church and when they returned home Santa would have stopped by with presents for everyone or so the story has been told. The family would return home from Mass and there would be presents all around the Christmas tree. Then, a dinner of Italian sausage and pasta was always served. I guess the family stayed up all night.

Each year for as long as I can remember we have traveled to my grandma's house for a traditional Italian meal which always includes Italian sausage and pasta or rice.

Shortly after dinner we would open the gifts that Santa has left at grandma's house early so we could open them and enjoy them together. Since she lives so far away Santa visits her house earlier in the evening than our house.

Fast forward to today for our modernized version of the Christmas Eve celebration. We pack up Sophia and head over to Great Grandma's house for a family gathering much earlier than midnight usually around dinner.

Here is this year's story.

As we drove through the night on our way to her Great Grandma's house, we told Sophia to look out the window in search of the jolly old elf himself and his famous red-nosed fearless leader Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. She sang the song and several others that you may recognize as "Jingle Bells", "O Christmas Tree" and the ever popular "Up On the Housetop". Scott and I kept a watch out the front car windows for Rudolph while Sophia was responsible for watching the moon roof and the back car windows.  We thought we spotted Rudolph and his team a few times glowing bright red.  You just never know.....

When we arrived the family was all there and Santa had already visited. Apparently, we just missed him but the loot was all there waiting for Sophia.

Sophia is tearing through thee gifts as fast as she can.

Sophia could hardly contain her excitement as seen here as she quickly trashed the placed with wrapping paper.

Sophia and her grandma checking out this huge present Santa left for her.

What could that huge gift be? Well, Sophia was surprised to find it had a kid-sized washer and dryer complete with an ironing board and iron. She washed and dried everything she could find that she could fit inside it.

One if the presents that Sophia loved was her brand new computer from her Uncle Mike. My brother Mike has always had a love of computers so it was just natural that he would get Sophia her first computer. He found this cute little one by Fisher Price that Sophia just adores.

Sophia and Uncle Mike learning the new computer. It was so sweet how she went to sit with her Uncle Mike to learn how to use her new toy.  Overall, the first night of Christmas was a blast.   It was so magical watching my daughter really enjoy Christmas this year.   Merry Christmas to all!

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