Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dress-ups and Gerber

Sophia had several toys scattered about when all of a sudden she went dashing into her room. She came back out with this crazy outfit she created. It includes two skirts layered, her life jacket, and her hula hoop. What is a mom to do except grab the camera as her daughter sits down in her rocking chair with this lovely fashion forward ensemble she has created. It definitely gave my husband and I a good laugh. I secretly admit I was glad we weren't leaving the house that night so I wouldn't have to explain my two year old's creativity in dress-ups.

Dearest Sophia,

I am truly amazed at you every day. You surprised me the other day when you exclaimed, "Dress-ups!" in the girl's toy aisle at Target near the Disney Princess outfits. I was so amazed that you knew what those were.

Another such amazement for me occured when we were at Toys R Us yesterday and you looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Gerber!". We were looking at the baby clothes near the onesies and training pants and before I said a word, you told me they were Gerber almost pronouncing it correctly. I looked at you astonished wondering how in the world did you know that. I guess you recognized the baby face on the label because you were right. Now that I think about it maybe you know the Gerber baby from television commercials because I know I didn't tell you what it was and I am fairly sure you can't read, yet. No matter how you knew mommy was proud of you and your amazing memory. I love you darling.

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