Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 22, 2009 Pooh bear is sick, Sophia took the honey

Today we went shopping and bought some honey. Sophia stole it out of the grocery bags and here is what she did with it.

She called this the "Pooh Bear honey" when I put it in the shopping cart at the store but I didn't think anything of it until we returned home.   She put the honey on a little blanket on her doctor table.   I looked up and wondered what now?

There is Pooh balanced on the table top.

Well I had to ask what is she doing? She is reaching for Pooh bear on the table with spoons in her other hand.

Covering up sick Pooh bear

I didn't catch it with the camera, but she pretended to pour honey into the spoon in Pooh bear's mouth to make his sore throat better. Who knew sophia was such a good doctor?

I know she knows Pooh eats honey from her story books, but I guess he was sick today because he was at the doctor table.

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