Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just some fun photos from this weekend

Sophia got a new life jacket this weekend so we can go boating at the Lake this summer. She has outgrown her baby life jacket and we need that one for the soon to be new arrival.  She loved this pink one at the store and as a result, she is set to go boating with her Grandma now.  Here, she was putting a toy fish in my ear and laughing at herself.  It is a little funny and I am not really sure why she thought she should put a fish in my ear but for what it is worth, that is what she is doing.
Here she is posing with her toy fish and modeling her new life jacket.  The funny thing of this is that we did not tell her to go get the fish, I put her new life jacket on over her T-shirt to make sure it fit and she yelled wait a minute.  Her dad and I looked at each other puzzled as to what she could be up to.  She ran in the bathroom and took her toy fish out of the toy holder and came running back with it. Sometimes, I am really amazed at how this beautiful kid makes associations between objects and events.  
She put on her hat and coat and wanted to go play in the snow so Daddy snapped the picture and told her maybe we could play in the snow.
Posted by PicasaHere she is just looking cute and showing her daddy her hat.


Tracy said...

Debbie your face is so funny! Sophia is getting so big!

Sikes Family said...

Thanks! It is not everyday someone sticks a fish in my ear! :)