Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The BIG bed

I washed the sheets on my old queen sized bed since they have been sitting not being used for a while so Sophia could start taking naps in her soon to be "big girl" room and I could monitor if she was falling off the bed before we get her new bedroom set.

She decided she was ready to jump in with both feet at bedtime and said she wanted to sleep in her "big girl" room. So, I figured what could it hurt if she really wanted to sleep in there. In my mind, I just thought well surely she will be up and asking to go to her old bedroom during the night.

She climbed up into the bed and I got her all tucked in after several attempts of stalling,and she finally went to sleep. I left the main hall light on in case she woke up so she could find my room if needed. She stayed in her room all night. I had bribed her that if she stayed in her room all night I would paint her nails today. I was surprised when I got up at 6:20 that she wasn't laying on the bed but rather sleeping on the floor at the foot of her big bed. I wondered did she fall or did she wake up.

When she woke up I asked her matter of factly why was she sleeping the floor. She said simply that she woke up and was too tired to climb back up on the bed. Poor kid! She must have really wanted to get her nails painted to stay in there even though she woke up.

No worries, I made good on my promise and painted her finger nails and toe nails this morning always interesting with a two-year-old.  Thank heaven for Quick Nail Dry Spray and Blow Dryers. She was so excited that she could be a big girl and use the big girl bed and have her nails painted like mine.

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