Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Babymoon music classes

Sophia showing me her instrument backpack.

Musical instrument backpack complete with tambourine, triangle, bells, maraccas, and wooden sticks.

I have been actively trying to expose Sophia to a variety of experiences to encourage her growth and development in many areas. Not only are we involved in gross motor skills, and social skills development in Little Gym, and fine motor skills development skills in arts and crafts we do, we have also added some percussion music experience by taking music class at The Babymoon Boutique.

The class is structured perfectly for toddlers to actively participate in the music. We sing and play a large drum in class. We used scarves and acted out a snowman melting. We acted like a cat sleeping and waking up and stretching and creeping and running. Then, we played the instruments shown above when the teacher instructed us to use them.

I think it is a great experience for Sophia to have music exposure at such a young age when it comes so naturally to her. I hope she loves music as much as I do. I will continue to try to expose her to as many forms of music as I possibly can until she is old enough to take piano lessons.

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