Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hearts in Hands Valentine's for the family

I thought it would be fun to make Valentine's Cards for the family from Sophia.  I usually just buy cards but now that Sophia is a little older and loves to paint and glue, I thought we would try something different.  She is not able to use scissors yet for several reasons so I did all the cutting.  So Here is the result.   First, I took Sophia downstairs and told her we were going to do some finger painting. Her face lit up with excitement. Not only does she love the word "paint" she gets to put her hands in it too. Hotdog!  I placed the construction paper on the table and dipped her hands in the paint.  We placed them on the construction paper in the shape of an upside down heart several times to make all the Valentines we needed.  She loved this process but told me she needed a towel to clean her sticky hands.
We let that dry overnight downstairs so no one would touch it.  Before letting her go to bed I traced around her hands on craft foam for more handprints.  Then, I cut those out and made several copies of the the handprints for each Valentine.  I cut those out while she was sleeping along with the construction paper hearts so they would be ready for her to glue together.
You can see pictured here gluing was messy and lots of fun.  She was happy to glue the hearts on the craft foam and then place the hands as if the handprint hearts were being held by her own hands, the handprint foam pieces.
Here she is gluing the hands on the finger painted handprint hearts.
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