Monday, February 28, 2011

Tricking my three-yr-old into eating "yucky" vegetables

Immediately following my newest favorite show "Nate Berkus", "Great Day St Louis" came on TV. They showed tricks for tricking your kids into eating more vegetables.

Sophia has recently discovered "junk food" and now all of a sudden vegetables are "Yucky!". She happened to look at the TV at the same time "Great Day St Louis was showing veggie pizzas and asked if we could make those so what's a mom to do but break out the veggies and a little pizza sauce and cheese to make veggie pizzas. I happened to have some of those lower fat turkey pepperonis on hand too so she used those to make the funny faces. The one on the small round pan, Sophia said looked like her. I don't see the resemblance but why argue with a kid's imagination so I lovingly agreed.

We used what we had on hand: mini bagels, pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni, skim mozzarella cheese, olives, peas, greens beans, and mushrooms to make our funny pizza faces. You can try this too and maybe your kids will want to eat their "Yucky!" vegetables too.

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