Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snuzzles 5-in-1 multipurpose baby garment

The baby Snuzzle is a multipurpose baby garment created to be a burp cloth, baby bib, baby bottle holder blanket, towel, and an emergency blanket. It is lined with a heavy weave absorbent cloth material. All are unique and individually made by me. Trademark Pending.

Snuzzles can be used as a baby bib. Just tie the ties around the baby. Then tie the bottom tie and fold the fabric up to make a crumb catcher.

It can be used as a baby bottle holder in a carseat when you are on the go. Just tie the ties around any size or style baby bottle and tip the bottle into the baby's mouth. If you are lucky, your baby may even grip the Snuzzle and "hold it in place" like mine did.

It can be used as an emergency cloth diapers shown on the doll above. Snuzzles are available in prints with choo choo trains, monkeys playing soccer for boys.

Teddy bears and baby animals in gender neutral colors shown for the parents that want to be surprised.

Prints with cupcakes and princess crowns are available for girls.
If you need a unique baby gift, please contact me.

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