Thursday, February 10, 2011

Serge oodles of fluffy ruffles

My sweet daughter modeling my oodles of serged fluffy ruffles.

I have been wanting to try to make a fluffy ruffled scarf for awhile. I first saw these in a high end fashion store a short while back in knit and loved them. And what girlie girl doesn't want more fluffy happy ruffles in her life to dress up a plain old T-shirt?

I knew I could make a ruffly scarf but just needed to find time to try it. I love to find trendy fun things and figure out how to make them. I have allergies to wool items so I tend to shy away from anything knit. I thought maybe if I just make this out of a lightweight scarf fabric it would look beautiful. I love the rolled hem setting on my Serger that let's me make sassy ribbons out of the smallest tidbit of fabric and scarves out of the most exquisite silk pieces.

So yesterday at naptime I serged the edges of this fabric with a three thread rolled hem to start. Then, I set the ruffling foot in place and serged oodles and oodles of ruffles to 1/8" wide elastic and like magic I had my very own ruffled scarf that my daughter had to try on immediately. I may never see my fancy fluffy ruffled scarf again but it was fun to make. I just might have to sneak it back out of her room at naptime today or make another.

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