Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is my dog smiling?

I serged this dog crate liner for my dog out of some scrap fabric I bought from the discount remnant bin at the fabric store. Poor doggy had somehow managed to crack the tray that covers the crate bottom, maybe from running while sleeping or something. So today I pulled the whole crate apart and made some quick temporary repairs with some duct tape to the plastic tray and scrubbed the whole thing down really thoroughly. I usually do that outside periodically but with all the snow have not been able to use the hose to really clean it out for awhile. She looks happy that her bed smells fresh and clean and has a new soft flannel and fleece blanket to sleep on. I wonder if she knows I made this especially for her. I know she sat next to me and watched me serge it so early in the morning one day last week.

Is she smiling?

She is yawning and ready to cuddle up on her new blanket. Good night sweet doggy. Have sweet doggy dreams! We love you.

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