Wednesday, February 23, 2011

T-shirt transformation into graffiti

We started with A plain old T-shirt that already had a few paint stains on it

First, I told Sophia we were going to make a craft after we finished our daily lessons.

She was so excited when I handed her a paint pen and told her to paint on this old shirt. She started painting some lines and squiggles with red.

Then, she added some black paint.

A little more paint added here and there by my little cutie pie.

Next, she painted some white lines.

More white lines.

It needed a little more red.

Even more red

I think this looks like graffiti.

Here she is displaying her proud new graffiti style fashion. When the paint dried, I cut the old T- shirt neck out and made a scoop neck and added some serged ruffles out of a long strip fabric to the neckline and sleeves. Now, it coordinates with her polka dot skirt we made last fall. She added a turtle neck and leggings so she could wear it today since it turned cold outside again. Can you see how proud she is of her new Sophia graffiti style shirt?

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